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Steel Group OA is a fast-growing multi-functional company with the synergy of four business fields: education, relocations of the foreign manpower, cooperation in the industrial fields, and the marketing research of the above-mentioned fields. The company has successfully started with a few projects in Poland and continue to do it within the EU and outside.

Based on the Memorandum of understanding with European universities and business schools, Company provide opportunity for foreign students apply for study within the EU.

Education is at the heart of Steel Group OA mission. Located in EU, our dynamic growth has led to strategic partnerships with esteemed Polish and Spanish universities and business schools. These collaborations open doors for foreign students, providing access to European-recognized diplomas and PhD degrees.
At Steel Group OA, we specialize in providing exceptional relocation and manpower services that cater to the needs of international recruitment agencies seeking partners for collaborative endeavors within the European Union. Our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to quality make us a preferred choice for those aiming to navigate the intricacies of cross-border job placements.

Mining equipment

Elevate your mining operations with STEEL GROUP OA's comprehensive range of trusted mining equipment. Our offerings cater to in-mine operations, surface transportation, crushers, screening machines, and coal mining equipment. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we prioritize adept selection to ensure our equipment meets industry standards.

Innovation in oil industry

Discover a new era of oil industry innovation with Steel Group OA. Our groundbreaking technology, centered around water-based polymer solutions, is transforming oil production recovery. By impeding water intrusion and enhancing well relaxation, we accelerate well recovery processes and reduce operational costs.


At STEEL GROUP OA, we take immense pride in presenting an extensive range of innovative steels, meticulously engineered with a single aim: to transform ordinary metal into extraordinary creations. For us, each of our materials represents more than just metal; it embodies reliability, exceptional wear resistance, and a guaranteed long service life for your molds and dies.

Recycling & Environment

STEEL GROUP OA provides unique opportunities for development. Our company specializes in two key areas: organizing the export of valuable minerals to the European Union and purchasing used resources for subsequent recycling.
Empower your decisions with Steel Group's cutting-edge market insights and strategic expertise. Our seasoned marketing specialists deliver comprehensive research, catering to both the EU market and third countries. Backed by advanced analysis and a commitment to excellence, our tailored strategies offer a competitive edge for businesses and individuals alike.


Forging Future Collaborations: Productive Talks with Burkina Faso Embassy

Our company is delighted to announce that we engaged in a productive discussion at the Embassy of Burkina Faso in Berlin with H.E. Ambassador Justin T.Ouoro and Economic advisor Mr. Augustin Coulibaly regarding the potential collaboration with Burkinabe entities in the industrial sectors. STEEL GROUP OA believes that in the near future, we can offer essential support for the development of the Burkinabe industrial sector.

North- American Networking Night
STEEL GROUP OA Presents Novel Oil Extraction Method at Salzburg Meeting with ISPIM

STEEL GROUP OA Presents Novel Oil Extraction Method at Salzburg Meeting with ISPIM

STEEL GROUP OA had a productive conversation and shared its novel oil extraction method with the relevant parties in Salzburg. We made many connections with the potential partners and collaborators. Our company is grateful to ISPIM- International Society for Professional Innovation Management for giving us this chance.

The Role of Telemedicine in Cross-border Cooperation between West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland and Mecklenburg Pomerania in Germany

Steel Group OA is delighted to share the recent publication of the scientific article " The Role of Telemedicine in Cross-border Cooperation between West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland and Mecklenburg Pomerania in Germany " authorised by our Project Director Mr. Dmitry Pakhomov with his co-author.

North- American Networking Night
Forging Partnerships: The International Conference

November 13, 2023: Steel Group OA's Productive Networking Reception at the Embassy of Canada in Warsaw

On November 13 2023, Steel Group OA had an efficient time at the networking reception hosted at the Embassy of Canada in Warsaw. It was great connecting with the officials from Alberta and Québec provinces as well as with others representatives of the Canadian entities, fostering collaboration and building bridges for a brighter future.

It was a pleasure for STEEL GROUP OA to participate the North- American Networking Night 10/10/23 in Rzeszów

Our company has found this event quite fruitful in terms of finding a few key partners for cooperation

North- American Networking Night
Forging Partnerships: The International Conference

Forging Partnerships: The International Conference on Territorial and Inter-Organizational Cooperation 2023

We're excited to share the highlights of the International Conference on Territorial and Inter-Organizational Cooperation 2023, held in Brenna, Poland, from September 20th to September 22nd, 2023. This conference, organized under the project "European Territorial and Inter-Organizational Cooperation," united scholars, experts, and professionals from around the world.

Joining the Polish Canadian Chamber of Commerce: A New Chapter for Steel Group OA

We are thrilled to announce that Steel Group OA has taken a significant step towards expanding its horizons by becoming a proud member of the Polish Canadian Chamber of Commerce (PCCC). This partnership marks a new milestone in our journey, signifying our commitment to fostering international connections and leveraging diverse opportunities.

Joining the Polish Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Celebrating Canada Day in Tandem

Celebrating Canada Day in Tandem: Steel Group OA and Polish Canadian Chamber

Last Sunday, the Steel Group OA had the distinct privilege of participating in a special Canada Day event organized by the Polish Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Amidst the picturesque surroundings of Klub Sosnowy, the occasion provided a significant platform for fostering meaningful business connections and celebrating the essence of Canada Day.

Forging Economic Bonds: Steel Group OA at the Senegal-Poland Economic Forum

Steel Group OA takes a significant role in fostering economic cooperation between Senegal and Poland at the Senegal-Poland Economic Forum. Our mission is to bring together visionary leaders, innovative businesses, and bright minds to establish a partnership that promotes sustainable growth and prosperity.

teel Group OA at the Senegal-Poland Economic Forum

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